"Good sales people aren't motivated by money......they are driven by it. Create a sales compensation plan that will drive your sales force to high levels of performance."

"A failure to plan is ultimately a plan to fail......some form of strategic planning is evident in virtually all successful businesses."

"Having a well constructed performance review process in place is fundamental to strong communication, alignment with corporate goals, and high levels of performance."

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Welcome To Business Briefs!

This site is intended to provide you with a brief overview as well as some specific information about key business issues. The topics covered on this site relate to strategic planning, sales compensation, business planning and supervisor training.

Topics such as sales compensation tend to be burning issues in many businesses as are strategic planning and simplified strategic planning, how best to train supervisors and what should be included in that training and what is included in a business plan and how to develop a business plan. Business Briefs is offered free of charge and focuses on those issues most likely to be of concern to small, medium and large business owners and managers as well as entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.

For example, the topic of simplified strategic planning is covered here because a number of people are sometimes confused by what they read or hear about the strategic planning process. There should not be any real mystery about strategic planning and simplified strategic planning really is a methodology that allows for the development of a sound strategic plan without the extraneous effort sometimes associated with strategic planning. Strategic planning should be a straightforward and simple process.

Sales compensation is another issue that is very often confusing and frustrating for businesses. While development of a viable sales compensation plan can sometimes be a challenge, there is no reason to consider the development of a motivating and effective sales compensation structure to be an unachievable feat.

Enjoy reading the Business Briefs on this site. And feel free to visit our sister site, The Online Business Advisor for more free information, articles and training segments.

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